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Run Dottie, Run!

About 2 weeks or so ago I decided I would go for a run. I don't "run".  It's never been my favorite thing to do. But much like Forrest Gump, I just kept running. I even signed up for my VERY FIRST 5k!! Whaaaat?

Anyway, I was running today and started to realize that something was different. I wasn't dreading putting on my running shoes to go sweat. How did an activity that I have always despised become something that I looked forward to?
Let me paint you a picture of what running has always been for me. If I was forced to run or decided to not be a lazy jerk, you would find me running in the following locations:  The dusty boring track at my high school during soccer practice trailing behind the dudes. We didn't have a girls soccer team and I didn't know how to play field hockey so I played with the boys. Naturally, I sucked.  The finger print covered communal treadmill in a gym filled with the smell of rubber flooring, lighting that made you feel like you…

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